Why Local Food is a terrific choice for you and your family

There are a number of fantastic benefits that come with choosing to source your family’s food from local farmers. From the unparalleled freshness to the environmental benefits, it’s easy to see why local food is a terrific choice for you and your family! Here’s what you should know about the advantages of choosing local food for you and your family.

Better Taste

Let’s face it – there’s nothing that can quite compare to the taste of a meal prepared with freshly picked fruits, vegetables or proteins from you neighboring farm! From appetizers to desserts, locally grown and harvested produce and artisan foods are loaded with flavor that simply can’t be replicated.

More Nutritious

When you choose local food for you and your family, you can do so knowing you’re giving your family fresh food that offers the most nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet. The longer it takes for food to reach your table, the more nutrients they lose along the way. Local foods are typically harvested a day or two prior.

Environmentally Friendly

Local farmers and sourcing local foods help to promote a number of wildlife and eco-friendly benefits. The cover crops that farmers plant to replenish the soil for their upcoming crops and prevent erosion also helps to reduce carbon emissions. This also ensures that the soil is kept fertile and clean water resources are further protected. There’s no question why local food makes a terrific choice for you and your family.

Community Support

When you choose local food sources, you’re helping to support the community in a number of ways. But cutting out the middleman and choosing the most direct route from farm to table, you’re helping farmers support their families. Your money spent will stay local and not go to some anonymous company in another state or country. This not only helps to protect the future of farmers but gives you added peace of mind knowing where your food is coming from and that it is safe.